New Zealand Scenery

24 Feb 2019 to 17 Mar 2019

Serene Impressions is a solo exhibiton by Malaysian artist Koh Teng Huat.

The exhibition wil feature a total of 31 oil on canvas paintings depicting sceneries of New Zealand.

The works range in size from 24cm x 55cm to 68cm x 122cm and are priced from RM1,800 to RM6,000.

The opening reception is on Feb 24 from 12.30pm to 5pm.

Faux by Ivan Lam

21 Feb 2019 to 02 Apr 2019

Faux is a solo exhibition by Malaysian contemporary arist, Ivan Lam.

A series of still life paintings, displayed alongside slabs of stone represents Lam challenging himself to return to the roots of what defined an artist in the classical era.

Lam is said to question what it means to lose oneself in the service of others, he does this by having his mother title the works.

Chia Yu Chian: Private Lives

17 Feb 2019 to 23 Jun 2019

Chia Yu Chian: Private Lives showcases over 160 artworks and archival materials focusing on the last decade of the artist’s life and practice.

Dating from the 1960s until his passing in 1990, the works are primarily sourced from the Chia Yu Chian Family collection as well as other private and national collections.

The opening reception is on Feb 16 at 6pm. A curator's walkthrough will also be held on Feb 23 at 3pm.

The Human Form

01 Feb 2019 to 03 Mar 2019

The Human Form the first solo exhibition by Penang upcoming artist Yap Ley Min. She is the winner of the Penang Art District Spotlight in 2018.

Her works are said to be inspired by observations of past incidents which she finds fun and instriguing.

The exhibition will showcase 15 works of various mediums including oil  and acrylic painting, pastel, mixed media as well as wax carving. It is said that each work is connected to another, recording the milestones of growth in their creation.

Southeast Asian diversity

30 Jan 2019 to 03 Mar 2019

Collision Violence is a group exhibition featuring three artists. Amirul Alwi (Malaysia), Radhinal Indra (Indonesia) and Tomi Heri (Malaysia).

The exhibition is said to provide a taste of how diverse Southeast Asian Art can be.

Young & Old

26 Jan 2019 to 26 Feb 2019

Darah Muda is a group exhibition featuring 14 upcoming Malaysian artists and 8 mid-career Malaysian artists. They are Abdul Latiff Padzali, Ahmad Rais Azmi, Amy Nazira, Azizul Nasir, Faizal Suhif, Haziq Syawal, Hidayat Arshad, Kay Lynn Chua, Shahrul Hisham Ahmad Tarmizi, Nabil Adnan, Nor Tijan Firdaus, Sanuri Zulkefli, Steve Lai Chian Shang and Syahbandi Samat.

The works are said to address issues and natures pertaining to Gen X and Gen Y.

Bright art

22 Jan 2019 to 10 Feb 2019

Monumenta: In Lightness is a group exhibition featuring paintings, sculptures and installations by 16 Southeast Asian-based artists.

The artists are  Ashley Bickerton, Chua Ek Kay, Erizal As, Fika Ria Santika, Ibrahim, Jason Lim, Kayleigh Goh, Laudi Abilama, Leela Promwong, Mangu Putra, Rudi Mantofani, Sabri Idrus, Semsar Siahaan, Suzann Victor, Wei Ligang, Yeo Shih Yun, Yunizar and Yusra Martunus.

The exhibition is said to question contemporary society, addressing the challenges in our present time.

Nitsch in Singapore

25 Jan 2019 to 27 Jan 2019

Life & Art of Hermann Nitsch is a solo exhibition featuring works of the senior Austrian Painter.

The exhibition is held in collaboration with Marc Straus Gallery and marks Nitsch's first exhibition in Singapore. Nine works ranging in size from 80cm x 100cm to 200cm x 150cm and priced from US$33,000 to US$55,000 will be on display.

10,000 Mosquito Hearts

27 Jan 2019 to 17 Feb 2019

10,000 Mosquito Hearts is a solo exhibition by Malaysian artist Foo May Lyn.

Comprising works based on the fabled Malay legend of Puteri Gunung Ledang, the exhibition is said to be the artist’s attempt at fulfilling the demands that the Princess gave to Sultan Mahmud Shah, who sought her hand in marriage:


In Talks With: T.K. Sabapathy

19 Jan 2019

In Talks With: T.K. Sabapathy is a discussion and sharing session with the celebrated Singaporean art historian.

T.K. Sabapathy will be sharing keen insights about the late Singaporean artist, Cheong Soo Pieng; sharing about Cheong’s innovative composing processes as a pioneer of East-West modernism since the 1950s.